Sit and Go Coaching

Sit and Go coaching

Why pay 1000s of dollars for only decent sit and go coaching when you can get coached by world-class sit and go/tourney players for free?

That is at least what I’ve been asking myself, but then I figured that there are no top-class sit and go coaches out there, atleast non that coach for free or reasonable prices. Although there are many sit and go coaching sites and sit and go coaches on the internet, they are mostly not doing a good job, charge ridiculous prices or both. A pity, but don’t worry, Pokerreign has given birth, and with its waking, you are given a chance to get coached for sit and go’s and tournaments of all formats, for free, by proven professional poker players.

Our sit and go coaching compared to other offers

How do you know whether a sit and go coaching is good or not? You, on your own, can’t asses that really. You don’t know how to play good sit and go poker and that is why you seek coaching.

Coaching deals are based on trust, and often that trust is exploited by the poker coaches who lure you with statements like “become the best at your table” while not legitimizing their slogans with their strategic content. In fact, I don’t know of a single good sit and go poker coach, ON THIS PLANET, who offers valuable traing/coaching under fair terms. If you don’t pay, you will get the most mediocre quality of content imaginable.

Let us compare our sit and go coaching offers to others.


Cost: 0$

Quality: Great – Excellent

Fairness: Not wishy washy and free

Coaching: New material every week

How to participate: Just register and acces VIP areas

Other coaching sites

Cost: $100-$2000

Poor – Great/Excellent

Fairness: Often Wishy washy to squeeze more $/€

Coaching: Often outdated “poker-courses”

How to participate: Pay the price

sit and go & Tourney coaching | How we teach

If you want to become a professional poker player just stick with us. We have the skillset and the experience that you need to beat various sit and go and tourney formats such as 6max sit and goes, heads-up hyper turbos or spin and gos, and more. If you are a vigorous student you will be able to beat absolutely every format existend as long as the game has chips and is played in the No Limit Texas Hold’em format.

Below we are going into detail on how we train you.

In our strategy videos we will go into detail on various strategical concepts that boost your winrate. You can enjoy live-plays, hand history reviews and more for different sit and go variants. You can enjoy and watch poker videos here.

Live streams

Our live streams are partly entertaining and mostly educative. The most valuable things about our live-streams are that you can see our coaches facing thousands of different spots and the lively community. Follow our live stream

Getting your (miss-) played hands reviewed by professional poker players is one of the most effective ways of getting better at Poker. Get your hands reviewed!

Strategy articles

In our Poker-strategy section we are covering the basic poker strategy you must follow when playing sit n gos or poker tournaments.

A game theoretical optimal approach

Although it is impossible to play game theoretical optimal (GTO) all the time, we strive for perfection – we want you to base your decisions on fundamentally sound strategic concepts, backed by science.

We use several poker-tools to optimise your tournament strategy and ours, including Icmizer, Piosolver, some equity-tools and stochastic programmes like Hand2note.

With the help of the afore mentioned tools we are analysing how to – adjust your strategy when their are ICM implications, figuring out balanced c-bet frequencies and sizes, learn when to check-raise,  and when to take into account whether you have a range-advantage or not and much more.


Ready to reign? Become a VIP!

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Get your handhistory’s reviewed

Watch Poker strategy videos

How to participate: Just register and acces VIP areas

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