best Poker rakeback deals and offers

As we understand how elementary it is to get good Rakeback as a poker player who aims to maximise his profits, we thought we create a hub to gather the poker rooms that reward the high-volume players with the best rakeback deals and offers.

Different poker sites have different VIP-schemes, and Rakeback offers and we are here to help you find the poker sites that are safe, enjoyable and provide you with the best Rakeback.

After reviewing dozens of poker sites, we found out that some poker rooms reward their players for frequent participation in real money poker games with good rakeback while most don’t. See our selection of the best rakeback sites below.

Americas Cardroom
100% up to $1000 FDP
& up to 73% Rakeback
100% up to $1000 FDP
& up to 73% Rakeback
100% up to $500 FDP
& up to 50% Rakeback
Natural8 Poker
100% up to $1,688 FDP
& up to 50% Rakeback
Intertops Poker
200% up to $1000 FDP
& up to 40% Rakeback

what is rakeback?

To understand what Rakeback is you must know what rake is.

Rake is the price/fee a poker room charges you for participating in any real money poker game. Depending on the poker room, buy-in and poker game the rake can vary by quite a bit. Taking rake for participation in real money poker is any poker sites business model.

In poker tournaments and sit and go’s the entrance fee is between 3-15% of your buy-in.

The rate you pay is dependent on the speed of the format (hyper, turbo or regular), and the faster the tournament ends, the less rake you will pay.

The rake in cash games if often calculated with the “weighted contribution methodology”, which means nothing more than – all players involved in the pot will equally share the rake, and the guys that folded pre-flop do not pay.

The industry standards rake-cap at cash games is around 4% with up to $5 of the pot which protects you from being overcharged.

So, to explain what rakeback is, let’s say you play a hand in a cash game with three other players involved, and at the showdown, the pot has accumulated to $100.

Now, the 4% fee on hands played in cash games comes into play and takes four dollars (4%), which is then equally split between all three involved players meaning that each of you been charged about $1 in rake as you split it with three of your opponents.

Now, for example, if you get 70% rake back, you would get back 70% of the fees you have paid ($1) back, and only had to pay $0.30 effectively thanks to the price reduction in form of poker rake back.

There is two type of rake back deals offered of which each has their unique intricacies.

Expert Explaining Rakeback

Tier-based rakeback

Most poker sites offering rake back tiered, meaning that you have to hit certain milestones (MS) by paying the specified amount of rake in a given time neccesary to level up and get a better cut of the rake back.

Flat rakeback deal

Some poker sites offer a flat rake back % unrelated to your activity at the tables, that don’t require or reward you for playing as much as possible with better rates.

Illustration of how a typical tier program could look like.

 The bold line is a yearly VIP Status, and the other statuses are calculated on a monthly basis.

In the table above it becomes quite clear why choosing a poker site that rewards its players proportionally to their paid house fees with a good Rakeback is so essential for everyone who looks to make money playing poker.

Just imagine not getting anything of your paid rake back, depending on how much you play you could lose thousands of dollars in possible saving accumulations.

If you are a recreational poker player you should always choose the flat rake back offers as you can’t meet the requirements of ranking-based tier rewards that depend on your high-frequency involvement in real money poker games.

Why getting good rakeback is important

Paying rake while not getting any back should never be a choice as there is good rake back offers out.

Unfortunately, a lot of good poker sites have downgraded their proposals for the most loyal customers not rewarding any rake in return at all.

Not getting any of the paid fees back translates to being overcharged, and who wants to pay a price that’s too high over and over when you don’t have to?
If you want to make a mistake and waste a lot of money on fees, which I doubt, you can play at Pokerstars or 888Poker and pay up to 300% more in rake as to their competitors.

Let’s say you do sign up at Americas Cardroom (ACR) and chose the 27% Rakeback deal, and you pay $100 each month for twelve months:

You will get $324 rakeback at ACR after on year, while at Pokerstars you’d get around $20 in return of your paid fees.

And the good thing? They are us-friendly, and you could even join ACRs Elite Benefits and get up to 73% rake back: Compared to Pokerstars or 888Poker you will save approx. 65-70% in house-fees.

The more frequent you play poker, the more relevance and weight it has to get a reasonable amount of paid rake back. To save money, it is of vitality to choose a poker site that cares about its long-term customers. If you do not, you will flush money down the toilet.

The best professional Rakeback deals come in the form of a bonus system, and reward you proportional to your paid rake, with the option to increase that rake in return number by reaching the, by the poker site, pre-set milestones.

The best rakeback offers for recreational poker players come flat which means: you are not required to do anything but are guaranteed a stiff percentage of Rakeback.