Best Tournament Types to Make Easy Money

Easiest Poker tournaments to make money

Learn where its easiest to make money by playing no limit texas hold’em tournaments online. You might wonder if the claims that you can beat sit and go’ and tournaments to make profits are reasonable and I can tell you: they are.

However, different formats (spin and go’s, heads-ups, or 6max cash games) have different levels of competition.

In this article, we are going to answer you questions you might have regarding the competitivness of different tournament-formats in Poker.

how many online poker players are winning?​

It has been found out in a database analysis that around 60% of poker-players are actually winning money playing online poker. That might surprise you as it sounds like a relatively high number but to me, a professional poker player, it seems like a good gauge.

Nowadays, if you play online poker, you will likely have several professionals at your table that are putting time into studying poker when they are off the tables. I was playing 6max Sit and Go’s for a long time professionally, and the professional/recreational ratio was around 50/50 at low stakes (up to $15), at higher stakes, the professionals took over, and it was more like a 75/25 ratio.

Top 5 Most profitable Torunament Poker games

That depends highly on what you want to achieve and what games you are good at. If you are struggling to win at Poker you can check out our strategy section where you can find articles and guides!

Below I’ll go into detail about different poker formats, their competitiveness and how profitable they are.

I’ll show you the average win-rate for different formats.

5. Hyper turbos heads-up Sng´s

The best players have 3.5-7 %ROI | Can be worth it but prepare for a headache

First of all, there is “Rumors ” about unbeatable bots crushing the hu hyper heads-ups on PokerStars, the most secure poker site on the internet.

If you have’t been coached for hu-hypers, you will have a tough time trying to beat those games. It is impossible for a feel player to beat this format, unless you play lower stakes up to $7.

You have to play a very “GTO” based game just to manage not to drown financially at buy-ins higher than $30. You can forget about open-sitting $30+ hyper turbo heads ups as the pros use auto seat scripts to sit every unknown player immediately. You have to earn your seat before you can open sit to wait for a weak player to enter your game.

4. Hyper turbo 6max sit and goes

The best players have max 0.5-2 % ROI | You must be REALY good to win at this format!

Hyper turbos are a tough field, full of strong players that have been playing for years and are coached by even better players. The edge is small in 6max hypers. The variance is terrifying. I ran almost 1000 buy-ins under EV, and I know many other players who have faced similar variance.

This game is nothing for players with thin skin or for people who tend to tilt easily. Lots of all-ins, lots of “luck” involved. Anyhow, it can be worth playing them if you don’t multi-table them too hard, pay attention and ultimately table-select well and play soft games.

3. 6max turbo sit and goes

The best players have 4-8% ROI | Worth it but you won’t get rich

This format is suitable to build a bankroll if that is your aim. Very soft games with a likeable Pace of play.

It’s, compared to the hyper format, a game with little to zero luck involved. You play good=you have good results when you play 6max turbo sit and goes.

While you can’t get wealthy playing those you can make enough to cover the bills. The traffic at PokerStars is relatively good for those games compared to other sites and allows you a steady income.

2. Spin and goes

The best Player have 4-10% ROI | Good choice but swingy

The variance in Spin & go’s can be draining. They have relatively high rake or, and only the first is getting in the money and that makes the format very swingy.

If you are ready to take 200-300 buy-in downswings, and upswings, you can give spin & gos a shot. If you think about playing spins for a living make sure to study the format well.

The good things about spin and goes is that they are super soft at all buy-in levels. The bad thing is that they have a very high variance and. 

You need to have experience on what pre-flop ranges to play in heads-ups hyper turbos and how to play post-flop to become succesfull at this format.The wider your range is, the more difficult spots you will face, and in spin and go’s  you will have to play 85% of your hands as a minimum in heads-ups and around 30-45% three-handed.

1. Multi-table-tournaments

The best players have 40-100% ROI | Best choice!

MTT´s are the future because you don’t depend on getting Rakeback playing them. It is so irrelevant to get Rakeback there thanks to the huge possible return on investment that is achievable. Rakeback used to be the bread and butter for poker players, and now there is no bread and butter left, at least on Pokerstars where all the action is. As other poker sites don’t have enough traffic to get enough games running to make decent money, you should take a look to play tournaments for a living. You got to play a lot of games to survive with poker as your primary job, and that is not possible on most poker sites. So earlier, before PokerStars increased the rake drastically, there were a lot of breakeven player happy with their income on stars but now as the Rakeback increased all the breakeven players went off of PokerStars because they did not make money anymore. It is not necessary to quit poker just because you do not get Rakeback anymore, play multi-table-tournaments instead.

If you want to make money in the future off of playing online poker, your best choice is to make it with multi-table-tournaments (MTTs).

Pokerstars, the most prominent online poker platform has a while ago decided to increase the rake drastically; by up to 300%. They have made most games subsequently unbeatable. Why I’m saying that MTTs are the future of online poker is that these can be beaten with a very high return of investment (ROI) post rake.

While in sit and goes and cash games you heavily rely on Rakeback due to small win-rates you don’t depend on Rakeback in MTTs because of ROIs of up to 100%.


Poker is a game of cards and chance. If you are better at assessing your own and your opponents hand-strength and make plays according to that assessment, you will be better off finacially than your opponents. Nowadays poker has become a little bit more competitive then it used to but you can still, quite easily, make a living off online poker, especially the lower stake tournaments are great to generate a little side-income.

There is no such thing as an average online-poker-pro salary. The income hugely varies depending on your skill and commitment. If you want to become an online poker pro, we can help you to become one, for free! Get coached by proven long-term winners that can help you with every aspect of the game. Get coached for sit and go’s and tournaments!

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