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Learn how to win at Poker with our Poker strategy articles and guides. It is easy to learn the rules of poker, but it is tough to master the difficulties that come when playing Poker on a competitive level.

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If you have ambitions to play poker for a living, here you can learn the strategy necessary to be profitable at playing No Limit Texas Hold’em and all its subordinated formats.

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Continuation bet (C-bet)

The continuation-bet AKA c-bet is one of the most used weapons in a professional poker players arsenal. Master the art of continuation-bets, and your poker reesults will continue to improve. Learn with us everything you need to know about continuation-bets!


Ranges & Range-advantage

In Poker, it is very important to know what ranges are and how to make use of putting your opponent on one! Ranges are everything you need to know in Poker to become profitable. Learn what a Poker-range is and how make use of range-thinking!


One of the most underestimated and misunderstood strategic concepts in Poker are bet-sizings. Many players make too big sizes while also betting with way too many hands. That pattern leaves room for the Poker shark to exploit the one not knowing how to size his bets!

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If you check-raise your opponent, he will be offended. The check-raise is a sneaky passive-aggressive attack that will baffle your opponent. One of the most potent defence-attacks in Poker strategy. Learn with us how to puzzle your opponent into unconsciousness with check-raises.



Do you know what a donk-bet is? No? Then you neither know how to use it to your advantage which you should! If you want to play game-theoretical-optimal, you must make use of donks. Learn here how to implement the donk-bet to become a overall better Poker player.

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There are a few things that can put Poker player on tilt. Pretty high on the list of the most bugging strategic plays is the probe-bet. You check the flop, and your opponent fires the turn. You have signalised weakness, and in fact got a capped range. Learn how to not get on tilt by mastering probe-bets!

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