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Single Table Sit & gos

Sit and go (SNG) Poker tournaments are well beloved within the poker community, especially beginners love them. There are plenty of reasons why Sit and Gos are so popular:

You can’t lose more than your buy-in,

They are fast paced,

Weak competition,

They leave glory for the winner!

The most common SNG variants are 6max, 9max and heads-up tournaments, but there are also spin and gos that have three players and are a bit different.

How to play Sit and Gos

As everything in poker starts pre-flop, we advise you to check our pre-flop cheat sheets that help you finding the right pre-flop ranges for sit and go’s (and other formats).

And also, if you have problems playing heads-up (which I think many newbies do in SNGs), you should check our heads-up preflop ranges here.

poker cheat-sheet

Check the video below, where our main-coach Buschapa plays 6max and 9max sit and gos on Pokerstars while going into detail on elementary strategical concepts.

Bankroll management

To get a good and precise idea of the variance for any poker tournament and SNG, we advice to play around with the variance simulator Pokerdope. This program tells you precisely, how much you can lose or win in any tournament depending on your return on investment (ROI).

The higher your ROI, and consequently edge is, the lower the downswings and the higher the upswings.

To give you a quick hint on what bankroll management you should be using, it is around 50 buy-ins for the turbo Sit & Go’s and, 30 buy-ins for the regular speed 6max SNG’s.

This amount of buy-ins should keep you safe from going broke in downswings and is aggressive enough to move you up in the limits quickly.

The return on investment (ROI)  in SNG’s that is achievable depends on your skill, buy-in of the SNG and the blind structure (regular, turbo, hyper).

Below, ill show you what i consider to be a achievable ROI per buy-in for different SNG stakes.

Low stakes

$7 = 8-15%

$15 = 5-15%

mid stakes

$30 = 4-12%

$60= 3-11%

high stakes

$30 = 2-9%

$15 = 3-11%

In general, the faster the blind structure of the SNG format, and the higher the buy-in the lower your roi will be.

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