Learn how to play Poker per template | Poker cheat-sheets

The fundament of every poker strategy relies on playing the right hands pre-flop, and paying the right price (outs) when drawing to outs post-flop.

You will make yourself vulnerable if you treat different pre-flop hands the same in different positions.

In our suggested pre-flop starting hand charts we will show you hands that you can play from various positions in poker games.

The best is to only open-raise pre-flop, this prevents you to be easily readable as you would give tells if you limp and raise with different hands. Poker is complicated enough, let us not overcomplicate it.

On this page, we will hand you a poker cheat-sheet that guides you on which hands to play pre-flop, on odds and outs, and also, we will give you a poker hand ranking as an image which you can just copy to use it handily.

poker cheat-sheet

Our poker cheat sheet (s)

Poker hand rankings

Check out our hand ranking cheat sheet, with which you will never doubt your hand strength.

odds and outs

To explain odds and outs in a simple manner i tell you this: In poker, you have around 2% equity (chance of winning after the river) for every out you have. Check the image (odds-table) below to see your equity and outs with different draws, and make a copy of it!

Starting hand cheat sheets

Now, we present you some advanced poker cheat sheets, ones that help you in finding the right pre-flop ranges when playing 6max and 9max tables in the no limit Texas hold’em variant.

Every hand on the chart that is marked yellow should be open-raised to optimally 2-3 big blinds.

ALWAYS open-raise with all your hands, unless you are in the small blind.

The hands in the “small blind pre-flop chart” that are green, you should limp, and the hands that are marked red, you should open-raise. Use an open-raise size¬† of 2.5-4.5 big blinds depending on your stack-size in the small blind.


Starting hand Poker cheat sheet | No Ante

The charts below, you can use for cash games and sit and gos with no ante in play.

Starting hand Poker cheat sheet | Ante

The game changes drastically when ante is in play, you should play many more hands given the added dead money. Taking this fact into consideration, we developed and designed two different pre-flop starting hand sheet sheets, and this one shows you your ranges when ante is in play.

What are antes?

Antes are forced bets that every player of the table has to pay in order to participate in the game. The ante usually costs 5-10% of the big blind and is generating a more aggressive game dynamic as there is more dead money to fight for. And This is increasing the relative value of playing a hand to folding.