Heads up Hyper Pre-flop Charts

Heads-up Hyper preflop ranges

Heads-up Hyper Turbo Tournaments (HU-HT) are fast-paced 1on1 poker tournaments that you can play on most online poker sites with a buy-in of up to $1000. Headsup hypers are an action-packed game, full of wide ranges clashing against each other. While the higher stakes are full of hungry sharks, the lower stakes are relatively uncompetitive. The win-rates for this format can be anything from 2-8% return on investment per buy-in, so they can be very profitable as the average duration of those games is around 2 minutes only.

Heads up hypers require one, that wants to be profitable, to play wide ranges in and out of position. Pre-flop, you rarely “want to” fold as this is already a loss as you either got to pay the big blind or small blind in each round. You want to play 85-100% of all hands depending on your position and the specific spot as you don’t want the blinds to eat your stack.

As we are in a giveaway mode and want to help you to become profitable in this action-filled format, we are giving you GTO preflop-ranges for ALL stack-depths. The GTO solution suggests to play a mixed strategy with limps, and min-raises. In the charts you see three colours, of which Green stands for limp, red for raise and blue for fold.

Small Blind Starting Hand Charts
Big Blind Starting Hand Charts

As you can see, a game theoretical optimal strategy doesn’t allow you to fold much pre-flop. If you want to play perfect, at least before the community cards come and bring confusion with even more complexity, follow these charts as your guide to play decent pre-flop

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