Steffen “Go0se.core!” Sontheimer, Future Face Of Poker?

Steffen Sontheimer at the Poker Masters

Steffen Sontheimer's poker history

Steffen Sontheimer, nicknamed “Goose” for his online poker screen-name “Goos.Core undoubtedly had his breakout year in 2017. He delivered one of the most outstanding performances in 2017. The 27 year old German’s rise to poker stardom was a surprise to some, but tournament pro Fedor Holz called it from the start.

The goos at the poker Masters

Steffen Sontheimer’s rising popularity can be attributed mainly to his appearance in the inaugural Poker Masters Series televised on Poker Go. “Goose. Core” absolutely beasted the competition, winning two events outright and making an appearance at every final table. During the Poker Masters, Sontheimer had several interesting encounters with the poker’s elite, both on and off the felt.

Steffen Sontheimer engaged in some friendly banter with poker legend Phil Hellmuth, both during and after the event. In an interview with Joey Ingram, Steffen said that he’s “ready to play (Phil) over and over and over again” and that “it’s tough to find good words about his 10 BB(big blind) game, 20 BB game or 40 BB game.”

Hellmuth fired back in an interview with Poker Central, saying “I’ve seen it a thousand times. Some kid comes along, plays too fast, gets lucky in all the right spots, and all of a sudden they are winning tournaments.” Check out this hand from Poker Masters!

Negreanu offers Cross Bettings To Goose.Core

Another top story of 2017 came up following the Poker Masters. Daniel Negreanu made $50,000 crossbooking bets for the Poker Masters title with several players, including Steffen Sontheimer. After losing his bet, Daniel admitted that he wasn’t on the same level as some of his opponents. When Phil Hellmuth said that he was “always the #1 seed in tournaments” Negreanu quickly offered to crossbook Hellmuth with Steffen Sontheimer as well as 39 other pros. 

Steffen Sontheimer definitely has all of the necessary qualities of a future poker star. He is a sharp looking guy with a smooth personality, and has a true passion for the game of poker. Sontheimer finished 4th on the 2017 hendon mob money list, and has already cracked the top 100 for all time tournament earnings. His popularity in the poker world should only continue to grow in 2018, especially with his announcement that he will be playing in the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop at the 2018 World Series of Poker.

Steffen “Go0se.core!” Sontheimer has already solidified himself as a top competitor in the high stakes tournament world. With plenty of high roller events to come, along with a $1,000,000 buy in tournament and a chance to cement his place in poker history, 2018 could be an even bigger year for this young German prodigy.

Watch This In-Depth Interview About Steffen Sontheimer

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