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We can help you to become a profitable and professional poker player. Learn how to crush: multi-table-tournaments, spin and go’s, heads-up sit and goes and 6/9-max sit & go’s. We currently do not offer cash game coaching. If you decide to become a poker pro with our help, we will provide you with all the strategy you need to beat most texas no limit hold’em formats. We focus on doing coaching and teaching for the games that are most profitable as of now (early 2018), and these are the before mentioned formats.

The “Poker Pro course” we offer is free. This offer should be taken by every aspiring poker professional.

Our poker coaching is perfect for beginners, and people that are already winning but not crushing.

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How it works​

Simply make an account with us and become a VIP. As soon as you have created an account, you can watch our strategy videos, get tailored in-depth strategy articles, and get pre-flop ranges for many poker formats.

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Winrates for Different Poker Formats | No Limit Tex Hold'em​​

Beat Sit and Gos

Whether you want to beat hu-hypers, 6max sit and go’s or whatever sit & go type there is you like to play. We can make you profitable at each format. Learn the do’s and dont’s with us.

Expected Winrate: 2-10% ROI

Crush Tournaments

Tournaments are one of our specialities. MTT’s are the most profitable games nowadays. Prepare for massive prize pools, big wins and a lot of swings and most importantly a great winrate.

Expected Winrate: 20-120% ROI

Win in Spin and Gos

Spin and gos became a very popular poker format, bad and good players love it for obvious reasons, you can multiply you buy-in by 1000x or more with just one game! Learn from us to win in spin & gos.

Expected Winrate: 3-8% ROI

What do i need to play poker professionaly?​​

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Starting Capital

The capital you start with should not be too high as you are most likely not that experienced and your focus should be on minimising losses instead of trying to maximise your winnings. Start with a small investment that you can afford to lose.



Playing poker for a living is time intensive, if you don't put in the necessary hours you will likely struggle to keep your head above water. You not only have to invest time into playing but most importantly you got to put in the time to study poker.

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You must love the game at least a little bit to succeed at it. I have not heard of one pro player that came into the game with the sole purpose of making money by playing poker.



It can take time to become a winning poker player, especially if you are relying on the wrong resources. First, you are losing, and then you will run breakeven after you have gotten rid of some faults in your strategy and THEN you start to build your bankroll and have consistent winning months.

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Poker Tools

It is a must for you to incorporate the use of Poker tools. It is of such importance that without them you will likely struggle to make money. Poker tools will help you to become great at poker.

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Reliable Sources

You got to learn from people that actually beat and make money off of playing poker. So many poker websites publish BAD articles on how to play and release rubbish strategy videos. Here on Pokerreign you have a reliable source for poker strategy.

Strategical topics we discuss


The fundament of every successful poker strategy relies on the right preflop decisions. We go into detail on how to play with different stack sizes ranging from 7BB to 250BB. We offer preflop ranges for many formats.


Postflop is where most beginners fail hard to make solid decisions. We take the confusion out of you with clear post-flop guidelines that are easy to use and remember. We teach you how to play out of position and in positon.


Particularly in tournaments, the game dynamic has a significant impact on your win-rate. We teach you when specific dynamics evolve and how to adjust accordingly to those circumstances.


We are working with poker tools to find optimal and unexploitable ranges whether it’s for post-flop or pre-flop spots. If you play a game theoretic optimal (GTO) based game NOONE can win money from you.


The independent chip model (ICM) is a concept that you have to understand when you want to be profitable in poker tournaments. The value of your chips heavily fluctuates and so should your ranges.

Live Play

Watch our coaches in action playing poker live on stream. With our live streams, you can learn how to cope with multiple hands in a short time frame and get an idea of how poker pros think in action.

Pros & cons as a poker pro​

Being a poker pro is mainly awesome and has plenty of advantages compared to a “real” job. There are also negative things coming with relying on poker as your main source of income. Below we gonna list the pros and cons that come when playing poker professionally.

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Good income

As a professional poker player, you can earn a relatively high income. Depending on your work ethic and skills you could reach seven figures a year. While you should aim for the stars, you should be satisfied with less, especially in the beginning.

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"High" Competition

The competition is not as robust if you are a good player. However, you are most likely not as experienced and will have difficulties handling different player types that are trying to exploit you. We help you to beat EVERY player type.

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Potential Career

It is hard to be successful with poker, but if you work relentlessly on your game and put in volume, you will eventually get there. Different to many other jobs, poker can allow you to step up in the career ladder.

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Emotional Stress

Getting it in good but losing regardless can hurt your mental state, especially if the bad run has chasing you for long. You might start playing bad and make -EV decisions as a result of not getting a reward for good play. You got to prepare for that.

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Doing what you Like

It is nice to make money with something you like to do. Initially, you start playing poker because you want to play it but then you figure out that there is potential to earn an income by playing poker.

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Night Shifts

Prepare for long nights as onliner poker is operated internationally and you depend on player traffic from arround the world. If you live in europe you might have to work till 3-4 AM in order to maximize your expected income.

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Relative Freedom

You won't have set working hours and no boss to tell you to go to work. Also, you will have the opportunity to live in most country's of the world as you just need internet access to have your business running.



The variance in poker can be nasty. You might be playing for a long time while not making money due to running under expectation. Play around with the variance calculator to see what swings are possible. Just click on the title, variance.