Position and seating at the poker table explained

Your position and seat at the poker table matter significantly when you want to play strategically profound Poker.

You are whether playing in position (IP) or out of position (OOP) depending on your position/seat. The player first to act is OOP and the player that has to act after is IP.

You play poker with maximally nine other players and the player “under the gun” (UTG) starts the round pre-fop, while the action progresses in a clockwise fashion going to the big blind.

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poker table with positions
Poker Table With Postions | UTG is first to act pre-flop and the BB is last to act and closes the first betting-round

The postions pre-flop

There are 9 seats and 9 positions. and you play either in early postion, middle position or in late position.

The player in earlier positions always has a disadvantage as all players (except the blinds) behind him will have position on him post-flop.

Worst Postion

Early Position (EP)

Under The Gun (UTG)

Under The Gun+1 (UTG+1)

Under The Gun+2 (UTG+2)

Decent Position

Middle Position

Middle Position1 (MP1)

Middle Position2 (MP2)

Best Position

Late Position

Cut-off (CO)

Button (BU)

MEH Position


Small Blind (SB)

Big Blind (BB)

The positions post-flop

The SB will never have position on anyone and is first to act.

The big blind only has position on the small blind.

UTG will only have position on the blind, if everyone folds except the blinds.

The players in middle position will have position on UTG.

The players in late position will have position on UTG and MP.

The blinds are playing out of position against everyone that is not in the blinds.

The big blind has position on the small blind.

You will have position on everyone that has acted before you, unless you are in the blinds.