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Launched in: 2012

Regulated in: Costa Rica

Network: Winning Poker Network

BlackchipPoker review

BlackchipPoker (BCP) was launched in 2012, is regulated in Costa Rica, and is currently partnered with the Winning Poker Network, sharing its liquidity pool with AmericasCardroom, Truepoker, YApoker and Pokerhost which makes it one of the biggest US poker sites. BCP is a relatively new poker site but nonetheless, it is already perceived as reliable, trustworthy and legit. Not all thanks to iTechLabs who tested and certified the BlackchipPoker system to have a proven fair random card generator (RNG).

Allthough the poker room is new, it has already an A+ reputation in the online poker community. The company is known for fast payment processing, refunding losses occurred in software crashes and generally be reliable as a provider of online poker. BCP has never had any incidents to date that would make one worry about holding funds on the poker site.

Latest news on BlackchipPoker

Poker room's Software

The software of Blackchip does not only remind of the software of AmericasCardroom but is an almost exact copy of it. The difference between each is the choice of different colours in their software, and different brand names.

The software of BCP is pretty, simple, functional and is not known to have frequent crashes, freezes or whatsoever. The software is reliable, meaning you won’t have any frustrations playing poker from the internet with it, allowing you to play multiple tables simultaneously without risk. There are no anonymous tables at BCP giving you the advantage of building history with your opponents. BCP does only offer their software to users of Windows. You can’t play from your mobile device, iMac or anything else.

Mobile Poker App

Blackchippoker currently does not offer mobile poker.

Poker Game selection

The traffic for various poker games at BlackchipPoker is not only decent but great, allowing you to multi-table as many games as you’d like while having no waiting time for a new table to pop up. Below we visualised the traffic for the games offered at BCP.

Cash Games

SNG & Tournaments

The Cage

What is it, cash game, a tournament or a pelican? The Cage is on thing indeed, a thrill! The Cage is a 6-max “tournament” that has a $1000 +$50 buy-in, and here is the twist, your chips are worth real money!

You start with 1000 chips, one chip for each dollar, and the “tournament” lasts for exactly five hours. When the five hours have passed, the “chips” accumulated are transferred to your account, converted 1-1 into real cash.

So, if you got 15,000 chips after five hours, you get $15,000 in cash right in to your account. That is some real high stakes poker as the blind rise too. The blind-level rises every 55 minutes starting from $5/10 +$1 ante, going up to $25/50 +$5 ante.

The Playpen

The Playpen follows the same concept as The Cage, there a few differences, however.

If you thought that The Cage is epic but has a too high buy-in, I have good news for you: The Playpen is the “The Cage” for low-rollers.

You buy-in with $10.50 and get 1000 chips making each chip worth one penny. The playpen is a turbo tournament which lasts 1 hour to the minute and has 13-minute blind-levels.

The first blind-level starts at 5/10 +1 ante, and the last blind-level is 25/50 +5 ante.

The 7-Day No Rathole Tables

This Poker game is quite interesting for the one who loves to play with mega-short stacks. At the 7-day no rathole tables, you are allowed to buy-in with just 10 big blinds (bbs).

Here comes the twist, if you win, you are not allowed to buy back in for ten bbs but are forced to join the table with the amount you have left with last.

Your stack at the rathole tables is memorized for seven days, and then your stack-memory is erased, and you can start punting with ten big blinds again.

The 7-day no Rathole Tables are available at the following stakes: $0.10/$0.25, $1/$2, $5/$10, $50/$100

Jackpot Poker

BCP offers you to play Jackpot Poker. The format is crazy, you get 500 chips, and the game starts with 10/20 blind-levels increasing every three minutes, so its a hyper turbo SNG.

Before the game start though, a magic wheel starts spinning and randomly decides the price-pool which can lay anything in between 2x your buy-in and up to 2500x your buy-in.

You can buy-in the Jackpot SNGs with $2, $10, $25, or $40, so if you would play a $40 one, and you get the highest multiplier (250x) you could win up to $100,000.

Poker Bonuses & Promotions

BlackchipPoker shares its liquidy pool with every poker site from the WinningPokerNetwork, and almost all promotional offers from this network are the same.

First deposit bonus

When signing up at Blackchippoker and making your first deposit you will be granted a 100% up to $1000 sign-up bonus. Here is how it works. For every 27.5 Benefit Points you collect by playing real money poker games you get a reward of $1. Here is the catch. You collect points by paying house fee AKA rake.

That means that for you to get your bonus you must play poker for real money, and for every dollar paid in rake/fees, you get 5.5 Benefit Points (BPs). So, to get one dollar in bonus money, you must pay $5 in rake.

Your first deposit will be matched by 100% meaning, you can deposit between $25 and $1000 to be elgibile of bonus money and have the corresponding amount of dollar in bonuses available. So to unlock the maximum bonus ammount, you would have to pay $5,000 in rake, and the bonus would translate to 20% extra rakeback.

You have 60 days to clear the bonus before the bonus becomes inactive.

Here you can check your progress

On-demant Freerolls

If you would like to try the poker room but not risk any money you can give the on-demand freerolls a shot.

Freerolls are free online poker tournaments with real money price-pools, and the BCP on-demand freerolls start running as soon there are 270 participants. The buy-in is free, with no deposit needed and the price-pool is $10. Not much, but hey it’s FREE.

Additionally, you are participating in the freeroll-leaderboard, if you rank high there, you will get additional bonuses of value such as tournament tickets worth $55 and $215. These freerolls undoubtedly give an excellent opportunity for every amateur poker player.

If you are from the U.S and love freerolls, and plan to make your first deposit, i have great news for you: doing your first deposit will give you access to four First Deposit Freerolls that run weekly with $250 price-pools each. When taking chance of that offer, please bare in mind that as soon as you deposit, you will have to play them within one month. The validity of your freeroll-tickets lasts four weeks.

Sit & Crush ( SNG Rakerace)

Do you love SNGs, Jackpot Sit & Go’s or Poker tournaments? If so that’s good because Sit & Crush is a weekly rake race solely for tournament and SNG players.

The Rake race starts Monday at 0:00 and lasts till sunday 12.00 pm, and within one week all payed rake will be converted into Sit & Crush Points that will count towards your position in the leaderboards.

For every $ spend in rake in a SNG you get 1.25 points that rank you, and for on-demant tournaments you collect 2.5 points for every $ spend in rake.

Overall approximately 100 players earning a reward while the top 50 each get 3x tournament tickets worth $55 that are qualifiers in to The Live Cage: The Live Cage is live poker tournament in Costa Rica with a $5.500 Buy-in.

The player with the most points at the end of the week will collect the biggest price! Check the prices below.

The Beast ( CG Rakerace)

The Beast is a weekly cash game rake race which you qualify for by simply playing real money poker at the cash game tables. For every $0,02 you pay in rake you will get one point, and the goal is to collect enough points to get a good rank in the leaderboard, the higher the rank the bigger the price!

All cash game tables qualify you for this promo, so whether you like Pot Limit Omaha, Texas Hold’em or exotic poker formats, as long aslong as you play for real cash points will be collected and rankings adjusted.

Blackchipoker's Vip Elite Rakeback

BlackchipPoker offers  Elite Benfits, or alternatively 27% rake back flat. When registering, you automatically participate in the Elite Benefits reward program which is usually less rewwarding than the 27% flat for the recreational poker player. If you want to get 27% rake back without requirements, paid out on every monday, you need to send  an email adressing that to or go to and use the live chat.

At BlackchipPoker you get 5.5 Benefit Points (BPs) per dollar paid in rake.

When accumulating BPs, you also automatically collect Player Points (PPs) that you can redeem for cash bonuses.

For every BP collected, you get one PP in the beginning.

There are however different VIP Ranks that you achieve by reaching milestones that can boost your BP to PP Multiplier.

Check the table below to see the different VIP levels and how much BPs you need to collect to level up to get a bigger multplier (BP x PP).

The ranks that are bold are yearly levels, and the others are monthly statuses.

Depending on what rank you have, you get cash bonuses at better rates. Check the table below to see what rewards are waiting for you.

Below you can see the cash prices you get for each milestone solely for accumulating enough benefit points.

Each bold line represents the achievement of a new rank and a higher BP to PP multiplier.

So, if you manage to collect 1.000.000 Benefit Points in one calendar year, you get $43,200 in milestone bonuses and 5,000,000 Player Points that translate to a value of $84,000.

To collect 1.000,000 BPs you are required to pay $181,818 in rake, and if you successfully do it, you get overall $127,200 in Rakeback which is around 70% of the paid rake back in cash bonuses, and that does not include the extra Rakeback you get by participating in the “The Beast” promotion and other bonus offers.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Mastercard logo

Min Dep: $50
Max. dep: $5000

Neteller logo

Min Dep: $10
Max. dep: $100.000

Skrill logo

Min Dep: $10
Max. dep: $100.000

VisaCard Logo
Visa Card

Min Dep: $50
Max. dep: $500


Min Dep: $20
Max. dep: $25.000

Crypto Transfer

Min Dep: $100
Max. dep: $25.000

BlackchipPoker's pros and contras

Like any online poker or gaming site, BlackchiPoker has its benefits and a few drawbacks. This Blackchippoker review covers both sides of the coin regarding software, bonuses, games offered, security, customer support and legality.


Very good traffic

As Blackchip Poker is part of the WPN network, you can be rest assured to find games running at all times!

Plenty of promotions

BCP does alot of things right, but their promotions are extraordinarily good! Whether you are a SNG, Cash Game or Tournament player, this room will give you the incentive to play more with the most tempting reward offers.

Best Rake back you can find

At BCP you can get up to 80% rake back. This type of deal is not offered at any other poker site.


You can’t play in some US states

Residents in the US of the states Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada or Washington State are prohibited from playing at Blackchippoker.

Not legal in some countries

You are prohibited from playing at Blackchippoker from Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Sweden, Mayotte, Martinique, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Réunion.

Only available on Windows

Bad news for iMac, iPhone, Android or Linux users: You can only play poker at Blackchipoker from a Windows system. This poker room does not support poker on your mobile.

BlackchipPoker FAQ

No, you can not play at BCP on a mac. Unfortunately this has been promised for a couple of years by now, and to be honest, i don’t think it will ever see the daylight.

If you want to play on the Winning Poker Network from a Mac or through a mobile app, i suggest you to check out my Americas Cardroom review as a better alternative.

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