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Launched in: 2001

Regulated in: Costa Rica

Network: Winning Poker Network


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AmericasCardroom Review

Americas Cardroom (ACR) has been around since 2001 and is known as one of the most reputable and trafficked Poker sites available to poker players in the USA. AmericasCardroom is part of the WinningPokerNetwork and is sharing its liquidity pool with all poker sites part of the network. An additional influence on the ACR software came from several outside sources including Delta Poker, which is the world’s 2nd oldest online poker room.

The Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in October 2006 forced AmericasCardroom to leave the Ongame Network. This new law led ACR customers to move to Bookmaker, a brand of Betmetrics, and the Americas Cardroom brand dissolved. All along, Americas Cardroom has won, since then, and maintained a trustworthy and legal brand image and has grown into one of the supreme poker rooms, not only in the US but worldwide.

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Safety and security

Safety and security is the most important factor in choosing a poker site, and Americas Cardroom has gained a strong reputation by ensuring that all information is kept private and confidential while providing a fair and secure poker platform. Furthermore, ACR makes sure that players stay within the confines of the game at all times. If a player is found to have attempted any illicit activity on the site, their funds are immediately frozen, and legal action follows.

ACR is regulated in Costa Rica, making its operation entirely legal, within most states of the USA and World wide. ACR’s associations include The Winning Poker Network, which has been around for close to two decades and is a reputable online poker brand.

ACR’s Poker Software

Americas Cardroom uses DGS and IG Soft software for poker, bingo, casino, and lottery games. Card players can download AmericasCardroom’s software from their website and play Poker and Casino-games.

While the desktop version is not allowing endless customisations for advanced poker-players, it is well designed, and practical for multi-tabling. The software has lovely and simple design without any graphical noise which enables you to focus on playing poker without any hassles.

Mobile Poker App

Americas Cardroom has programmed and designed a mobile poker app for U.S players which allows you to play poker from most mobile devices. You can play from your tablet, android phone and from an iPhone. You can download the app from their website or from the iTunes/ Android app store.

Upon launching their mobile app, Americas Cardroom introduced $2 Jackpot Poker Games, which were the first game type available for mobile devices. Jackpot Poker remains to be a lot of players favourite poker game, but tournaments, cash games, and all other poker games are now also playable on the mobile device.

Poker Game selection & traffic

AmericasCardroom is partnered with the Winning Poker Network, and every poker room that shares this network has similar game varieties to offer.

In the tables below, you can see if various poker games have traffic at given stakes.

Cash Games

SNG & Tournaments

Jackpot Poker

The Poker room offers Jackpot Poker. In this hyper turbo SNG, you start with 500 chips, and the game begins with 10/20 blind-levels which increase every three minutes.

Here is what is exciting about the game. When the sit and go starts, a wheel appears, starts spinnings and decides the prize pool of the game. The money you can win can be anything from 2x your buy-in to 2500x your buy-in! Jackpot Poker at ACR is available at $2, $10, $25, or $40 buy-in levels in no-limit hold’em and pot limit Omaha.
ACR also offers you to use their house-software which handles the buy-in process automatically for you.

The program is called the Maximizer and allows you to set a number of games you want to play and automatically fills the registrations for you when you bust a game.

Read our Jackpot Poker strategy here if you like the format.

The 7-Day No Rathole Tables

The 7-Day No Rathole Tables at AmericasCardroom are cash games that you can buy-in with just 10big blinds (bb).

But once you won money at the table, and got more than ten bbs, you can’t buy back in with only 10bb, and you will be forced to join the new table with what you have left last.

Every new week your stack-memory will be erased, and you are, again, allowed to enter the rathole tables with ten bbs.

Poker Bonuses & promotions

AmericasCardroom shares its liquidy pool with every poker site from the WinningPokerNetwork, and almost all promotional offers from this network are the same.

First deposit bonus

By making your first deposit at AmericasCardroom you get a 100% up to $1000 match bonus.

If you make your first deposit using cryptocurrency you get an even bigger bonus, 100% up to $2000!

The bonus is awarded incrementally. For every dollar paid in rake at the poker room you get 5.5 Award Points (AP), and for every 27.5 APs you collected, you get a bonus of 1 dollar. This bonus offer translates to 20% extra rake back, and you got 60 days after your initial deposit to clear the full bonus.

Extra $50 cash for new depositors!

Once you make your first deposit, log in to your ACR account at least once a day for the 1st 20 days of your membership. You can go to the software and click on rewards to reveal your daily bonus that is anything between 2 and 6 dollar!

Vip Programm & Rakeback

AmericasCardroom offers the Elite Benfits, or alternatively 27% rake back flat. When registering, you automatically participate in the elite system which can be less rewarding than the 27% flat for the casual player. If you want to get 27% rake back flat, paid out on every monday, you need to send  an email adressing that to or go to AmericasCardroom and use the live chat.

How do the Elite Benefits of AmericasCardroom work you may ask, but don’t worry, you will soon understand.

At AmericasCardroom you get 5.5 Award Points (APs) for every dollar paid in house-fees.

When paying rake, and collecting APs, you also get rewarded Combat Points (CPs) that can be used to buy real cash bonuses.
For every BP collected, you get one PP in lowest rank.

However, there are different VIP levels you achieve by collecting enough Award Points, and whenever you hit a milestone and rank up your AP to CP Multiplier gets significantly higher making your rank worth much more in terms of how much you get back of your paid rake.

See the table below to see all ranks of the Elite Benefit system

The ranks that are bold are yearly levels, and the other ranks are monthly levels.

Different VIP level, different rewards! When climbing up in ranks you will get significantly better rates for cash bonuses that improve your Rakeback rate. See the table below to see what bonuses you can buy with different ranks.

You will get Medals of Achievement by reaching Combat Point Milestones, and not only that but those medals are also bringing a pile of cash into your account!

The Elite Benefits are a great deal for every professional poker player, but if you are playing recreationally, you are better of with the 27% Rakeback flat.

The beast, Cash game Rakeraces

By participating in the “The beast” promotion, you have the chance of winning up to €6000 every week. For every $0.02 paid in rake, you earn one point that counts towards the weekly The Beast Rakerace. The price is directly related to the amount paid in rake by all players participating, and compounds by the Weighted Contributed Rake methodology.The price-pool of the weekly Rakerace amasses to an average of about €80.000 and rewards 100 participating players with cash bonuses and tournament tickets.

Sit and crush (SNG) Rakeraces

Sit and Crush  is a leaderboard or Rakerace you are atuomatically participating in by playing Jackpot Poker, sit and go’s or on-demand tournaments. 25% of every fee taken in the afore mentioned formats go into the price pool of the weekly sit & crush rake race. You try to rank highest by paying the highest ammount of fees to get the biggest reward.

The average price-pool of the Sit and Crush Rakerace is averaging at around €15.000 and awards about €2.000 to the winner while at least 100 participants get rewarded with a cash bonus of $50 as a minimum or tickets for various online poker tournaments.

On-demand freerolls

“At AmericasCardroom, approximately every 60 minutes starts a new on-demand freeroll, as soon as 270 poker players have registered for the free poker tournament a new one is open for registration. The freeroll usually amasses around 500 players, and late-registration is open for 30 minutes after the game has started.

The tournament is a $10 guaranteed which means that for each registrant the buy-in has a value of about $ 0.04. While that doesn’t sound too promising, there is something else coming with playing the on-demand freerolls – you participate in a freeroll-leaderboard!

By placing in a top-ten position in any on-demand freeroll within one week, you collect freeroll-points that count towards the weekly freeroll-leaderboard.

The ten players with the most points accumulated within one week get a $55 sit and crush Tournament-ticket, and additionally, the first place of the leaderboard gets a $215 Sunday tournament ticket.”

First deposit freerolls

By making your first deposit into AmericasCardroom between every Sunday & Thursday, you get credited four freeroll tournament tickets. These first depositor freerolls have a price-pool of $250 and run every Sunday. If you want to make use of all four tickets, you must play the freerolls within one month – they become invalid one month after your first depost.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Americas Cardroom offers several main deposit options. For Americans, Visa debit and credit cards, Bitcoin, as well as cash transfer services are all available options to use. However, currently, it costs up to 10% of the transaction to deposit via cash transfers. Americas Cardroom covers the fees for other deposit methods, so you better avoid cash-transfers. For people outside the U.S, Skrill and Neteller are cash-saving payment methods.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

For poker players from the USA, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is most interesting as a payment-processor on ACR. There are no charges for withdrawals and deposits at AmericasCardroom using BTC and over 100 other cryptocurrencies.

The USA-friendly Poker room processes cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal-requests within 15 minutes at average, but it can sometimes take more time till the payment is processed. You can choose almost any cryptocurrency wallet to make payments which is beneficial to all “Hodlers”. 🙂

AmericasCardroom Debit card

Americas Cardroom has a debit card that players can use at ATMs and retailers. The card a one-time $40 fee and costs $4.95 per month to stay active.

Additionally, there’s a $4.95 fee for each transfer.

The debit card can withdraw a maximum of $2500 per week.

Player‐to‐Player Transfers

These are available to everyone. However, this option has a minimum rake requirement that players must meet before a withdrawal can be approved when receiving a transfer. The amount is dependent on the size of the transfer, but it’s normally about 10 percent.

Mastercard logo

Min Dep: $50
Max. dep: $5000

Neteller logo

Min Dep: $10
Max. dep: $100.000

Skrill logo

Min Dep: $10
Max. dep: $100.000

Money Transfer
Money Transfer

Min Dep: $50
Max. dep: $500


Min Dep: $20
Max. dep: $25.000

Crypto Transfer

Min Dep: $100
Max. dep: $25.000

AmericasCardrooms pros and contras

Like any online poker or gaming site, Americas Cardroom has its benefits and a few drawbacks. This Americas Cardroom review covers both sides of the coin regarding software, bonuses, games offered, security, customer support and legality.


Million Dollar Sundays

Poker site traffic is often judged by the size of their prize pool on Sunday tournaments and Americas Cardroom certainly doesn’t disappoint, offering $1,000,001 in gueranteed events every Sunday. This is the 2nd largest prize pool among poker sites in the US.

100% Welcome Bonus

You will receive a 100% welcome bonus for an innitial deposit of up to $1000. You don’t need to have any bonus code, so earning this bonus is very easy. Also, for every 27.5 Award Points that you generate, you receive $1 in bonus cash.

Insanely rewarding for high volume players

You can get up to 73% rakeback by climbing up the rank in the Elite Benefits ladder! You can’t even get near that number anywhere else!

Full Poker Tournament Schedule

From Million Dollar Sundays and Streak Tournaments to Saturday Super Series, there is no shortage of poker tournaments for players. CLO Sunday Specials, Jackpot Poker, and Freerolls on Demand are some of the events you will find.


Limited Casino Gaming

While there are casino games offered on ACR, the selection is limited. With only 11 online slots, seasoned poker players and gamblers might find it limited in non‐poker related operations.

Country restrictions

Players from the following countries are prohibited from playing at ACR: France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, French Guiana, Sweden, Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Mayotte

In the USA, the following states are prohibited from playing on Americas Cardroom: New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Maryland, Kentucky, and Washington State.

Rumours about bots

Unfortunately, AmericasCardroom is rumoured to be bot-infested. While that shouldn’t be a concern to anyone that is good enough to beat bots easily, it does scare the novice and is generally a disadvantage to everyone.

Read about a botter admitting to cheating on AmericasCardroom

Americas Cardroom FAQs

Is it legal to play Poker on AmericasCardroom?

AmericasCardroom is legal but unregulated. You can play legally on ACR in most countries, and states of the USA. You cant play on ACR within the USA from New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Maryland, Kentucky, and Washington State. It is not legal to play at ACR from France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, French Guiana, Sweden, Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Mayotte.

Can i play on ACR from Canada?

Yes, it is fully legal. If you decide to deposit real money into AmericasCardroom you will get a $1000 poker bonus!

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