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David Steinke

Nitty Top Pair Fold? 2c/4c Global

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I raise A7s utg and get a cold call from the sb. I expect his range to be wider than advisable as the player pool rarely 3bets and loves to call in the blinds. I am definitely near the bottom of the standard lojack open range.

On the flop I decide to check back to protect my check range with some top pair holdings. I am not looking to go 3streets with this hand, as it is more of a Category 2 hand (Upswing Lab terminology, means a hand that has showdown value but plays better as a check/call.) 

On the turn he donks 1/2 pot, which can easily just be a stab. I think he can do this with a lot of his 2nd pair and 3rd pair holdings, as well as flushdraws as well as straightdraws like 97 and 54. I call

On the river, he gets probably the best card for his range. Flush comes in, and any hands with an 8 now have trips. he leads around 80% pot, and considering the range I put him on, I decide to put in the fold. Having a 7 blocks some straightdraws that he can bluff with, and I don’t block his remaining A8s combos, since the 8d is on the board. If I had a hand like AQ I would call here, since he can possibly value-bet a worse ace here. Although my range is underrepped on the river, I am decently happy with my decision and the process that I went about when coming to this decision. Feedback? :)

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