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David Steinke

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  1. David Steinke

    Nitty Top Pair Fold? 2c/4c Global

    https://play.globalpoker.com/poker-client/poker/10/hand/5b2fc481aa4b05159c53dfe4 I raise A7s utg and get a cold call from the sb. I expect his range to be wider than advisable as the player pool rarely 3bets and loves to call in the blinds. I am definitely near the bottom of the standard lojack open range. On the flop I decide to check back to protect my check range with some top pair holdings. I am not looking to go 3streets with this hand, as it is more of a Category 2 hand (Upswing Lab terminology, means a hand that has showdown value but plays better as a check/call.) On the turn he donks 1/2 pot, which can easily just be a stab. I think he can do this with a lot of his 2nd pair and 3rd pair holdings, as well as flushdraws as well as straightdraws like 97 and 54. I call On the river, he gets probably the best card for his range. Flush comes in, and any hands with an 8 now have trips. he leads around 80% pot, and considering the range I put him on, I decide to put in the fold. Having a 7 blocks some straightdraws that he can bluff with, and I don’t block his remaining A8s combos, since the 8d is on the board. If I had a hand like AQ I would call here, since he can possibly value-bet a worse ace here. Although my range is underrepped on the river, I am decently happy with my decision and the process that I went about when coming to this decision. Feedback?
  2. https://play.globalpoker.com/poker-client/poker/10/hand/5b23f35faa4b050aeac954c5 Okay. Is this just a cooler and can I ever fold the turn? My redraw with the queen kept me in the hand, but my stack behind would have been a weird size so I decided to stack off. Anything you can say about my betsizing and general play?
  3. David Steinke

    Fold my rivered trips?

    Thoughts on my line here? Can i fold flop to a raise? Can i fold river when he jams? https://play.globalpoker.com/poker-client/poker/10/hand/5b10bf7caa4b0516653a437d
  4. David Steinke

    Spewy play and got lucky?

    https://play.globalpoker.com/poker-client/poker/10/hand/5b0b0a37aa4b0516653691c1 I think I should just fold pre to this reraise, I am just gambling when I take this flop. On the flop I call his big bet with a gutshot. Drawing to 3 outs, since I believe he is often on a club draw. On the turn he fires again. For some reason I sense weakness in this line by him. It feels like he just has a better draw than me. I decide that I can rep the king turn, and shove. He folds. Am I just the luckiest bastard alive, or is this in any way a long term profitable play? I am trying to get better at ranging myself and my opponent. My calling range on the flop is QJ+, 44, 66, AKc, KJc, along with my draws, which call to bluff turn. He has an uncapped range being the 3better preflop. His value bets (having 3bet) on this flop are QQ+, KQ, AQ, and his bluffs are hands like 57, along with several combos of broadway clubs. On the turn when he fires on the king, I can rep a king more than he can, can’t I? A king reduces the likelihood that he has a set, and clubs remain unimproved. Besides, does he really barrel again when KJc makes top pair? Does he cbet flop with his bullshit offsuit broadways? I decide to bluff shove with my gutshot, since I have by far the worst hand I can possibly have. I should be folding this hand preflop, but considering I decide to call, is my strategy here defensible? In the moment I admit I did not think this deeply. My exact thought process was something along the lines of “Get out of this pot with your clubdraw, pleb.” Thoughts?
  5. David Steinke

    Nit fold at 2c/4c?

    https://play.globalpoker.com/poker-client/poker/10/hand/5b0556c5aa4b0514053f8c23 In this hand I raise to punish the limpers. I have been seeing many limp folds, and wanted to exploit this. Instead I get two callers to the flop. After the flop checks through, my top pair on the turn is a clear value bet. I get one call to the river, which is one of the worst in the deck. opponent donk leads with a pot size bet and I put him on a flush or an 8. I am only ever bluff catching in this scenario. Thoughts? david
  6. David Steinke

    2c/4c Global Poker Hard

    https://play.globalpoker.com/poker-client/poker/10/hand/5b048a5faa4b0514053f5227 Interested to hear opinions on this hand! When I flop middle pair, I opted for a check call line. Should I be folding to his cbet? When he checks turn I sense weakness and turn my hand into a bluff? Should I be checking back? River is an obvious fold imo