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  1. cement3s

    nice bluff?

    issa 50€ prog. KO and the guy issa std reg (not too good)
  2. cement3s

    interesting hand 2 tables left

    cool thanks do you think he made the correct play folding KK/AA? vs regular people could be ok, but if i have in my x/r-bet-bet range some hands with backdoors for example J9 98 and 78s (the only one that hit on that river) i think the fold is not right. cheers
  3. villain was a recreational (didn`t know it in game) and i deciced to make a big bluff because his range is weak besides AT and some suited hands with a deuce. i didn't care too much about icm because nobody is really short and as being a progressive ko tournament we are going for the 1st place. i though i could rep lots of strong hands like TT A2s AT and mostly AK AQ AJ...maybe i went too savage ^^ opinions are welcome. thanks in advance
  4. cement3s

    interesting hand 2 tables left

    the tourney is a 50€ progressive ko 6max and the guy is a solid reg. he told me he made a sick laydown (prob overpair). thoughts on this?