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  1. fullpower160

    Big bluff 30 left

    This is a very interesting blocker bluff on the river. I just think, if your opponent is pot betting into a 3way pot on this turn, his range is pretty much Jx+ with a ton of straights and i don't really see much willingness to fold here ever. What i am basically saying is that if your opponent is terrible enough to make potsized bets at any point, he most likely doesn't want to fold too much anymore, because he does not really understand relative handstrength and whatnot. Not that pot sized bets are terrible per se, they're just a huge indicator that we're dealing with a fish/whale.
  2. fullpower160

    Welcome to Poker Reign Forums!

    Hey guys / pokerreign aka buschapa. Just joined the site, because i really like pokerreigns stream and the videos and articles here are super helpfull. I really hope that this site grows. Some good vibes here. :)