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Pierre Maxev

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  1. Pierre Maxev

    3-bet range

    Hey buddy, i can write an article about that. But your question is asked too generically, I must know the game you play, your opponent's position, size, range and all factors that could alter our range. I will do a video about that very soon, and an article too, but the video comes first Will link the vid here then.
  2. Guys, subscribe to this post to be informed about when I'll do theory sessions on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/pokerreign
  3. Pierre Maxev


    This is the best JTs combi you can do that with as doesn't block all the floats (S, D, H). And especially against those calling stations on the lowstakes, you should go for three streets when you bluff. He probably made a hero fold with J9 on the river lol
  4. Pierre Maxev

    Welcome to Poker Reign Forums!

    Welcome, Uludag! Uludag is a good drink mate! lol Good that you seemed to like the content so far. It is my first website, and I have some technical difficulties. But once everything is as i wish it be, you can expect a lot of content, which is also going to be better organised and presented. You can use the hand history review section in this forum, and ill check them out once you posted a hand Edit: I play everything up to $60, and prefer to play non-turbos as I enjoy them more
  5. Pierre Maxev

    nice bluff?

    You should fold flop, you have very little equity. From turn on WP
  6. Pierre Maxev

    Welcome to Poker Reign Forums!

    HAHA, you are the first to make a post that is not affiliated with me - the founder of Pokerreign. So you are a Legend already! The site will soon be ready to be taken advantage of!
  7. Pierre Maxev

    Nitty Top Pair Fold? 2c/4c Global

    Well played! You said it all, so I don't have to elaborate
  8. Pierre Maxev

    Big bluff 30 left

    Would like some discussion here. Tell me what you think.
  9. Pierre Maxev

    Spot I always get myself into (2c/4c cash)

    It was well played. Nothing you can do. He sits quite often on AT, but your redraw gives you the right equity to stack off vs his range
  10. Pierre Maxev

    Fold my rivered trips?

    It was just unlucky, well played! Can't fold flop, turn nor river as you block MOST value combinations
  11. Pierre Maxev

    interesting hand 2 tables left

    HMMM. Tough question. Realistically you exclusively represent QT and you don't have many bluff hands. GTO wise I don't think you can fold neither of those hands but against population tendency, I would fold KK because I block KJ (one of the few bluffs you have) and call AA because I don't block anything.
  12. Pierre Maxev

    huge bluff final table 50€ ko 6max prog. ko

    I think it is a great bluff, maybe you can just bet like 17bb at the river though as that will make him fold the same range (or??). Alternatively, you could bet over pot size on the turn with the plan to give up most rivers( would bluff some face cards then and hearts) just to make him fold some Tx and weak flush draws.
  13. Pierre Maxev

    interesting hand 2 tables left

    Check/raise is good on the flop but you should also mix in some calls. I would better a little bigger on the turn though! River you should mostly bet IMO, sometimes you can check though as you block most hands that could call and he'd shove overpairs on the river anyway. Well played!
  14. Pierre Maxev

    Spewy play and got lucky?

    Rather than focusing on your opponent's range, you should focus on your own before. You did several mistakes playing this hand: 1. You raise to 3.5x bb pre which is too high. Rather open-raise to max 2.5 bb. 2. You call the flop with one of the worst hands you can possibly hold, you have only a couple outs and your hand does not have good playability on later streets. Fold flop! 3. You shove the turn over his bet. He is full of strong hands, your opponent will call very often and if he does, you have like 6% equity. Fold turn SNAP Pre you should def call as you get good odds. Tom Dwan style
  15. Pierre Maxev

    Nit fold at 2c/4c?

    Well played! As its very common for weak players to donk their made hands on the river when the magic-card comes, it is an easy fold. On the other side, this allows you to value bet very light on scary rivers as they would donk their super strong hands!